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Cancer Screening

Context: According to a report by ICMR for 2020-2022, cancer is predicted to affect more women than men in India. Over 1 million Indian women will be affected by cancer in the year 2025.

Exposure to harsh chemicals and pollutants in the air further increases concern. Air pollution is associated with different types of cancer including ovarian, breast and cervical cancer.

Fortunately, the danger of cancer can be avoided if it is detected at the earliest. Cancer screening can detect early stages of cancer and save one’s life.

Objective: To perform ovarian, breast and cervical cancer screening in women of Haldia to detect and diagnose the presence of cancer.

Awareness regarding cancer screening and its necessity was informed through campaigning, leafleting, and meeting with different communities within the city. 5000 women from urban, rural and tribal areas of Haldia were given free cancer screening.

Project summary: Punarava: Cancer-Mukht Jivan with support from Tata Group was held every Saturday starting from 23rd September 2023. Women from different regions of Haldia of different ages turned up, generating an overwhelming response.