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Sustainable Enterprises

Enhance leadership qualities and improve access to opportunities in entrepreneurship and income generation

The Indian economy has witnessed rapid growth during the last two decades as a consequence of liberalization and globalization.

Such growth has created challenges for both environmental and social sustainability. Rapid industrialization and urbanization, on one hand, has resulted in depletion of natural resources and environmental degradation, while on the other,

it has caused large scale migration, increase in urban poverty and stagnation of the rural economy.

We promote start-ups and build the capacity of already existing women-led clusters and youth-led businesses in rural and urban areas to help fight poverty and gradually enable them to evolve as social entrepreneurs.

We encourage environmentally friendly and resilient microenterprises that shall aim to expand income‐generating opportunities for the poor women/unemployed youths by supporting investment in activities that are resource efficient, low polluting, green, and resilient.

We support
  • Map local resources (natural, infrastructure, financial, social and human);
  • Identify the needs of the poor, potential youths/women groups with hidden talents and flair to run their own businesses;
  • Support adoption of innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies and practices; and
  • Facilitate creation of new products and timely delivery of services.
  • Strengthen environmentally resilient and green microenterprises.
  • Enable value chain links and market availability and linking smallholders to markets.
  • Demand generation through product promotion, participation in melas/fairs etc.
  • Collaboration with partner companies facilitates knowledge sharing and propels innovation.
  • Enable sanction business loan from MSME for business expansion.
  • Promote piloting of new and innovative businesses.
Intervention in rural areas
  • Livestock farming: Poultry farming, Goatery, Cattle rearing
  • Promotion of kitchen garden, fruit orchards and vegetable cultivation
  • Jute products such as carry bags, conference bags, handbags, mats, gifts etc.
  • Organic farming and cultivation of organic food staples