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Tree Tributes

In honour of World Environment Day and TATA Sustainability Month, The WE Foundation, in collaboration with TM International Logistics Limited, is thrilled to unveil a momentous initiative aimed at sowing the seeds of sustainability. The project, set in motion in Green Verges New Town, Kolkata, marks the commencement of a year-long endeavor to plant over 50 trees in designated green zones, as designated by the New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA), with the goal of enriching the urban landscape with lush greenery. This ambitious undertaking, facilitated by The WE Foundation and supported by both corporate entities and the Government, is set to blossom into a larger-scale endeavor, with plans to plant a staggering 50,000 trees across Kolkata and Guwahati.

The WE Foundation, serving as the knowledge and implementation partner of the TMILL group, expresses deep appreciation to Sri Dinesh Shastri, Managing Director at TMILL Group, for his invaluable contribution to this green initiative. Furthermore, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to NKDA for their pivotal role in identifying the ideal location for this impactful green drive. This collaborative effort stands as a testament to the power of partnership and the collective commitment to fostering a sustainable and verdant environment for generations to come. #SustainableFuture #GreenInitiative #WEFoundation #TMILLGroup