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The effect of menstruation on education can be damaging for young girls, particularly in the long run. When they miss school for 2–5 days, they regularly fall behind in their studies, causing a major learning loss. As a result, students are unable to cope with the situation. Neither do they receive any parental support.

Access to proper menstrual sanitation in schools and homes and generating awareness on menstrual hygiene can improve the health conditions of menstruating girls during the period cycle and maintain their regularity and dignity in schools.

Project Pari, promoting menstrual health, hygiene, and education for girls for a brighter tomorrow, proposes to ensure improved menstrual health, hygiene, and education status for 8000 girls in Assam with support from corporate donors.

Through the project, we are generating awareness about menstrual health and hygiene by breaking the social taboo and distributing menstrual hygiene kits to more than 8000 girls in Assam. The impact of awareness and menstrual kits has improved menstrual health and increased school attendance for beneficiaries.