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The We Foundation, Delhi/NCR

The WE Foundation is a WEll-known ngo in Delhi that has been working since February 2011 to enhance education, livelihood, and health opportunities for underprivileged people. The ngo is inspired by the motto “To ensure that no one is left behind” and strives to implement the UN SDG Goals in all its endeavours.

Education for Underprivileged Children in Delhi/NCR

One of the primary areas of focus for The WE Foundation is providing education to underprivileged children in Delhi/NCR. The foundation has been at the forefront of digital education through its e-learning programs and Training of Teachers (ToT) programs. These programs aim to help students adapt to the latest technology developments, while ToT training equips teachers to better understand the technology and teach effectively. In addition to digital education programs, The WE Foundation has a career coaching program called Aspirated. Aspigrade assesses students’ unique potential and guides them through various career paths. The foundation’s initiatives focus on overall development, including skill-building, vocational training, and career coaching, among others.

Livelihood Programs for Delhi Residents

Our focus is on the youth, and WE believe that investing in their future is crucial for the growth of our society. Through our upskilling and reskilling courses, WE equip young individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Our programs are designed to be practical and hands-on, providing students with a chance to apply their skills in real-world scenarios.

Health Initiatives by The WE Foundation in Delhi/NCR

The WE Foundation in Delhi/NCR follows the Availability, Accessibility, and Acceptability framework to improve access to healthcare services for marginalized communities in Delhi. TWF works towards bridging the gap Between private and public healthcare facilities. The foundation establishes partnerships with hospitals and clinics to provide free or subsidized medical care to those who cannot afford it, preventing out-of-pocket health expenditures for the underprivileged.

A lack of knowledge about preventive care measures can also be a hindrance in providing the care one needs. TWF addresses the lack of awareness among people and the present paranoia regarding Newer medication. The foundation emphasizes the importance of preventive care in maintaining good health. They conduct awareness campaigns and educational workshops on topics such as hygiene, nutrition, and disease prevention. By Empowering individuals with knowledge and resources, The WE Foundation aims to reduce the prevalence of preventable diseases among underprivileged communities.

The WE Foundation is committed to providing accessible and affordable healthcare services to those in need. They establish outreach health camps at the community level followed by clinic-based screening for hard-to-reach areas and populations. These clinics are equipped with trained medical and paramedical professionals who offer consultations, diagnostic tests, and basic treatments free of charge or at subsidized rates. Additionally, the Foundation organizes health camps in collaboration with local communities and healthcare providers. These camps offer comprehensive medical check-ups, vaccinations, and specialized treatments for conditions such as eye problems, dental issues, and cancer screening.

Support The WE Foundation’s Cause in Delhi

The WE Foundation is dedicated to bringing a positive change in the society. And your support and donation helps us in implementing these changes. By donating to The WE Foundation you are helping create a sustainable future for the underprivileged of Delhi. Whether it is through education, livelihood or health, every TWF initiative is created with the intention of bringing about long-term sustainable and positive changes.

Your support matters! Join The WE Foundation’s cause by donating today and be a catalyst for positive change in Delhi’s underprivileged communities.

Volunteer with The WE Foundation in Delhi/ NCR

Small actions lead to big impacts. As a resident of Delhi, you have the power to make a positive change in your community. Why not join forces with The WE Foundation and become a volunteer? Together, WE can bring education, livelihood, and health initiatives to the marginalized. Let’s work together to put a smile on a stranger’s face today. Are you in?


What health initiatives does The We Foundation offer in Delhi?

We offer various health programs, including free health checkups, access to affordable medication, and promoting healthy living practices.

Who can benefit from The We Foundation's health programs in Delhi?

Our health programs are designed to support underprivileged communities in Delhi facing healthcare challenges.

How does The We Foundation support education in Delhi?

We provide educational resources, scholarships, and after-school programs for children in need.

What are the benefits of supporting The We Foundation's education programs in Delhi?

Your contribution helps underprivileged children in Delhi receive quality education and a brighter future.

What kind of livelihood programs does The We Foundation offer in Delhi?

We offer skill development training, microfinance assistance, and job placement support to empower individuals in Delhi.

How does supporting The We Foundation's livelihood programs benefit Delhi?

Empowering individuals leads to increased economic opportunities and a stronger community within Delhi.

What services are provided at the outreach health camps organised by The WE Foundation?

Services like general health check-ups as well as specialised health check-ups like eye check-ups, eye surgery, dental care, dermatology and pediatric care are offered to the underprivileged by The WE Foundation.

How can individuals support The WE Foundation's cause?

Individuals can support by donating to The WE Foundation. Donations go directly towards helping the underprivileged of Delhi through Education, Healthcare and Livelihood programmes.

What are some examples of livelihood programmes offered by The WE Foundation?

Among the livelihood programmes offered by TWF, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) stands out. Through RPL, TWF helps blue-collar workers upskill and gain skills certification. We also help the youth through employability skills training.

What opportunities are available for volunteers at The WE Foundation?

Volunteers play a vital role in NGOs. Volunteers can help The WE Foundation serve a cause such as Education, Livelihood and Health. Everyone is welcome to join The WE Foundation as a volunteer and help in giving back to society.