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Vocational Training: Equipping Individuals with Skills for Success

What skills are in demand? What skills to master in the world of AI? These are a few of the questions that The WE Foundation, an NGO based in Kolkata wants to answer for underprivileged students and women, blue-collared workers, etc.

In today’s dynamic job market, it is imperative for individuals to continually enhance their skills through vocational training to thrive and succeed. The WE Foundation has the following programs for the cause of livelihood:

Aspigrade Career Coaching: Through Aspigrade Career Coaching, The WE Foundation helps students with personalized support to make informed education and career decisions. To unlock the full potential of students, it is important to let them know of the different career trajectories that exist given their interests and passions. People who choose careers that are in line with their values and passions are more fulfilled, make valuable contributions to their companies, and thrive in a variety of work contexts.

Recognition of Prior Learning: The WE Foundation recognizes that a large number of people already have important experience and abilities that can be officially recognized to improve their employability. The goal of the RPL program is to upskill workers and evaluate and certify the abilities and information that people have picked up through informal or non-formal education. With this certification, they can compete in the labor market with acknowledged qualifications and have new work options opened up for them. It also helps validate their competencies.

Vocational Training and Skill Development: The WE Foundation provides a range of vocational training programs that are intended to give people the skills that employers are looking for in today’s workforce, in addition to career guidance and RPL. These courses emphasize real-world, hands-on training in fields like skilled trades, hospitality, healthcare, and information technology. The WE Foundation guarantees that participants are equipped to meet the demands of employers and land steady, well-paying jobs by giving them access to high-quality training.

Digital literacy: As the world becomes more automated and digitalized, these are two increasingly important skills to have. The Foundation helps close the digital gap and equips students and teachers for the professions of the future by demystifying technologies and making them available to everyone.

Entrepreneurship Development: The WE Foundation provides entrepreneurship development programs for the youth and women who are interested in launching their own companies. Essential elements of launching and operating a business are covered in these programs, such as marketing, financial management, business planning, and legal compliance. By nurturing entrepreneurial skills, the foundation empowers individuals to create their opportunities and contribute to economic growth.The WE Foundation is committed to improving the employability and opportunities for the livelihood of women, blue-collar workers, and poor students through these extensive programs. Through its emphasis on individualized career counselling, vocational education, digital literacy, and entrepreneurship, The WE Foundation ensures that those who benefit from it are prepared to meet the demands of the contemporary workforce and find long-term success.

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